Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jeans Style Cord Pants

Finished and ready to wear are these 2 pairs of jeans style cord pants.

Fortunately, this is a pattern I've been working with for some time - it's from 2/2007 Ottobre Woman - so it's quick to sew and thankfully, with the tweeking each time it's made, I'm getting closer to a professional look. There are still some drag lines in the back, but they are getting better - a bit tricking when you're trying to fit yourself in the mirror :-)
Look away now if you don't want to be shocked .....

(I can't believe I'm actually putting this rear view up for all to see!!)

I'm quite please with the side view - the s/s falls in just the right spot.

These were the first pants made. The rear pocket design was copied from a RTW pair. (Don't know why this photo always views upside down as the original is the correct way)

I didn't want 2 pairs exactly the same, so with this second pair I substituted 'hidden' zip pockets in the rear. I had wanted to use metal zips from the stash, but they were a little long, hence the ordinary zips.

Closeup of zip pocket.

I really enjoyed sewing these pants, and enjoyed even more the fact that 4 metres of stash fabric has been used.

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SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Janine, - I really like the zip inserts in the pockets - tricky to do, but effective.

I can see that you and I have quite different shapes - and I also wanted to comment here - hopefully you will find it - that the leggings pattern I used for my patterned trousers may not suit your friend - keep an open mind - I am happy with the slightly relaxed fit - but she may have different tastes. I just thought it would work for quick pull on pants around the home.