Monday, March 25, 2013

Making some progress

Despite the lack of sewing posts, I have been making some progress with my 2013 goals ... I've made several skirts and (wait for it) a dress WOO!HOO! And all from stash too, you gotta love that! The skirt at the top of the photo is a grey wool blend, with a 1cm black dot. This fabric has been in my stash since 1988/89. it was originally purchased to make a double breasted shirt style dress with the massive 80's shoulders (yikes!!). I'm soooo glad I didn't get around to that, and now I have a wonderful new skirt for winter. Next in the photo is a peacock blue thai silk. This was purchsed on a trip to Bangkok in 2010 - a very recent addition to the stash. I've always been reluctant to sew some of my "good stuff" for fear I'd mess up, but took the plunge this time and I'm so glad I did. Too often, I think we sew-ers think our sewing is not up to scratch, when in actual fact we produce items of a much better quality than anything available RTW. The third skirt is a jade green (sorry the colour is not true in the photo, but trust me,it is jade in colour :-) ) crepe. This was a piece leftover from a pant suit I made sometime in the '90's, and was just enough to make this pattern. A free skirt, yippee. Finally, the last skirt (and the one I'm modelling ) was a remnant given me by a friend last year - like I need more fabric!!! But it is a lovely piece of flecked wool blend, and will be quite versatile. All the skirts are made using the same adapted vogue pattern 8672. I originally made the skirt as per the pattern with the high waist, but on me, it looked shocking, so, I reworked the pattern to a skirt that sits on my normal waist. i'm really pleased with this look. All the skirts are lined (also using stash fabrics) I'll show my dress later. Bye