Monday, October 31, 2011

On The Fence

I'm finding it more and more difficult to choose suitable, flattering clothing styles. In the past, this wasn't a difficulty, but with a changing body shape .... well it's plain hard. I don't want to look like my daughter, nor do I want to look like my mother (or grandmother, if you'd believe some department stores!!)

Anyway, I wanted to enter Patternreviews Think Pink contest so I trawled the pages of Ottobre Woman magazine and decided on this tunic top

This is such a change from my usual style of top. It's meant to fill a gap while losing weight as it's drawn in with a self fabric belt/sash, and can easily be altered later if need be.

The fabric is also somewhat of a disappointment. I've had this fabric since 1991 - a fabric purchase made in Hong Kong and originally purchased as silk. I have my doubts as to the whether it is actually silk, however, it did sew up nicely and it does look good on the mannequin, or the actual body ....... blah!

I'll give it a couple of wearings and see. There's always Vinnies.