Monday, January 26, 2009

Playing around with the look

Hi, Like a lot of others, I've been introduced to makes for a great new look, don't you think?

Now all my garments/sewing will have to be in blues/greens ... hmmm, I think most already are!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year ... A New Start

Well, I can't believe six months just disappeared!

Rather than try and update (and let's face it, I probably can't remember everything that's happened), I'll just start the new year with a new start.

Sewing goals this year are pretty straight forward

1. To sew from stash (who isn't disappearing from the ever expanding stash ... I envy those who aren't!
2. To finish everything that gets started (I'm not too bad with this, but there are a couple of long standing UFO's that didn't quite get past the pattern stage ...gulp!)
3. Keep a record of everything sewn, especially here!

Revving up the sewing this year I've entered the Stash Contest at Patternreview and have even managed to get 3 items done, soooo, in keeping with my 2009 goals they are from stash, completed and here...

shopping bag


denim capris