Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Christmas Embroideries

Before Christmas I had an embroidery spree and these three duchess sets are part of the result.

All were blanks purchased some time ago from Mr Tablecloth. The blanks already had the battenburg borders so it was a simple task to select an embroidery and simply set up the machine with the designs, threads and voila' .

I'm a bit vague on the designers, but I'm pretty sure the Christmas set is from Hatched in Africa (HIA), the bonsai set (Blue Porcelain) is definitely from HIA and the roses ???? I have so many designs it's hard to keep track.


Some Christmas sewing

yes, I did do quite a bit of sewing this past Christmas, but in the haste to get things finished and wrapped, I forgot to photograph them! DUH!

I did, however, get my embroidered gingerbread house completed, thanks so much to my friend Gloria's industrial machine

This is definitely a one off . I can't believe how long the embroidery took ... well I should have known given the stitch count. Anyway, it's done and I'm very, very happy.

Other sewn items included embroidered polarfleece picnic rugs, embroidered table runners and a girlie apron for my 8yo niece.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas was downunder. It's now Boxing Day here in Australia, and for me, a verrry relaxed day, with some sewing to follow soon.

Christmas Eve was quite hectic with our tradtional family celebration. This year the celebration was at our house with my children and their partners, my brothers' and their families along with my Dad and brand new great nephew. This is always such a great night family night with games, laughs and everyone contributing to a wonderful buffet meal ... of course there's always too much food!

I hope everyone has a great time this holiday season.