Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Silk Purse ....

This is the pattern I chose for the wool gabardine (from the previous post).

They are from Ottobre Woman Magazine (5-2010) - the design is called Caron. The pants are described as Career Pants. Basically, they are a classic design, trouser style straight leg pant, featuring slant pockets, front/back waist darts with fly front closing.

While I would love the pants to look exactly as above, unfortunately, my height/weight dictates otherwise, and this is how they look in reality!

Not too bad, but definitely not model material :-)

I did make a couple of design changes.

Snoop shopping has revealed that better quality pants set themselves apart by their little features, such as topstitching, lining, pocket treatments or embellishments - not necessarily all in the one garment.

With this in mind, I wanted to set these pants apart from the cheaper equivalents I can readily purchase. My first thoughts focussed on lining the pants, partly to achieve a higher end look, but essentially to compensate for the itchiness of the wool fabric I was using. I managed to find some suitable lining in the stash - a heavy weight rayon gifted from a friend last year.

I'm happy for my garments to have a bit of a surprise, so the contrasting lining is not an issue.

I have actually made this pattern twice before, so wanted a bit of a different look for these pants. Most of the high end pants I saw had welt rear pockets. As I hadn't made this style of pocket in some time, thought, why not and proceeded to add this feature.

Remember those moth holes? Well, here they are ..... practically invisible. In fact, they show up more in this photo than in real life.

Even if I just get one season's wear, I'll be happy. The fabric cost very little. After all, I've already made another pair, they didn't take long to make, plus (and more importantly) that's 4+ metres of fabric out of the stash. Woo! Hoo!


Hana said...

Hi Janine, You have done a very good job on this pants. I am still scary to sew a pants, but I will try it next month.
Happy sewing!

Far said...

Definitely Professionally Done!.Plus, What Mith Holes? Lol, I Dont See Any, Y Did A Great Job. I Was Meaning To Ask In The Stash Page,Why Is This Titled.Silk Purse?

Sue said...

Great details, fab pants!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Oh to look like the pictures - which we never do! Still, I doubt that you are going to wear them without a top of some sort - and they can compensate for a lot of sins! I like the touches you have added - I was looking at some designer pants the other day (in an op shop) and you are right - it is the attention to the little details that counts and makes a big difference.

Zoe said...

Great job on the pants, I am too scared to attempt them!
I love your lining fabric too :)

Mary said...

They are really great-I love that you included details like welt pockets while using reclaimed fabric. Excellent pair of pants!!