Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Christmas Embroideries

Before Christmas I had an embroidery spree and these three duchess sets are part of the result.

All were blanks purchased some time ago from Mr Tablecloth. The blanks already had the battenburg borders so it was a simple task to select an embroidery and simply set up the machine with the designs, threads and voila' .

I'm a bit vague on the designers, but I'm pretty sure the Christmas set is from Hatched in Africa (HIA), the bonsai set (Blue Porcelain) is definitely from HIA and the roses ???? I have so many designs it's hard to keep track.


Some Christmas sewing

yes, I did do quite a bit of sewing this past Christmas, but in the haste to get things finished and wrapped, I forgot to photograph them! DUH!

I did, however, get my embroidered gingerbread house completed, thanks so much to my friend Gloria's industrial machine

This is definitely a one off . I can't believe how long the embroidery took ... well I should have known given the stitch count. Anyway, it's done and I'm very, very happy.

Other sewn items included embroidered polarfleece picnic rugs, embroidered table runners and a girlie apron for my 8yo niece.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas was downunder. It's now Boxing Day here in Australia, and for me, a verrry relaxed day, with some sewing to follow soon.

Christmas Eve was quite hectic with our tradtional family celebration. This year the celebration was at our house with my children and their partners, my brothers' and their families along with my Dad and brand new great nephew. This is always such a great night family night with games, laughs and everyone contributing to a wonderful buffet meal ... of course there's always too much food!

I hope everyone has a great time this holiday season.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Four weeks of fun in the sun (part2)

Several days in French Polynesia was a feast for the senses - vibrant colours, intense light and peace and quiet.

Onwards into the second half of the trip and we were headed towards the Samoa's - American and Western. More snorkelling and more forays into the countryside and views of totally different cultures left us feeling in awe.

Fiji next stop! Firstly Savu Savu. Time well spent wandering through town produced some wonderful printed cottons of quilting quality. What can a girl do, but buy, buy, buy. Speaking of buying, pearls are right up there. All throughout French Polynesia, Cook Is and now Fiji, black pearls are readily available at unbelievably cheap prices. Needless to say, I'v added to the jewelary collection.

Next port - Suva. We were lucky to be in Suva as the Police and Army were to have their first combined passing out parade. A police officer on the dock directed us to the parade ground. Everywhere we've been we've been lucky to find very helpful locals who've made out time in port memorable. So despite the rain, we managed to get some photos of this history making event.

We hired a car here as we'd arranged to take some gifts to an orphanage in Nasauri. The instructions we'd been given to get to the orphange were excellant and we quickly found ourselves being treated to morning tea with the Deaconess.

After leaving the orphanage we travelled south of Suva in the hope of catching the firewalking display at Pacific Harbour, unfortunately on the day we were in Suva, there was only one display and it had been in the morning - RATS!! Nevermind, Pacific Harbour was worth the visit if only for the wonderful curry at lunch.

What turned out to be our last port, Nadi, was next. This was another shopping stop for us - time to pick up our final gifts for those back home. We avoided the taxis and used the local transport (converted Tarago vans)

Dravuni Is unfortunately was aborted due to impending bad weather on the way home (which never eventuated) which would have meant arriving back in Sydney up to 7 hours late.

All too soon we were entering Sydney Harbour in the pre-dawn cool. Once again it was back to jackets and winter clothes and the warm and balmy days at sea were a dim memory.

Four weeks of fun in the sun (part 1)

We had a ball!!

No cooking, no housework it was an absolutely fabulous four weeks on the cruise.

First stop was Noumea. Since it was Sunday, and very little was open, we took the HOP-ON-HOP-OFF bus around town. When we reached the aquarium, we couldn't resist a visit.

The corals and fish displays were superb, and the time went quickly.

Continuing the ride we ended up back in the centre of town and close to the our ship (Pacific Dawn) in time for a late lunch. There was just enough time after lunch to finish the bus route, before sailing on towards Tonga.

A couple of days at sea, saw us land at Nuakolofa (never can get that spelling). We'd prebooked a tour of the island that would include some snorkelling, blowholes, historic sites and some general sightseeing.

After a wonderful day of sightseeing it was back to the ship and set sail to another Tongan port of Va'vau. This time we simply wandered around the town, taking in the sites, including the local Catholic Church, nestled high on the hill above the town.

Next stop (and a couple of days of rough weather at sea) was Rarotonga and the Cook Islands. Rugged mountains occuppying the centre of the island made for some spectacular scenery. Unfortunately, the stormy seas meant we were way behind schedule and only had 4 hours to explore and take in the island.

Moving right along, and a couple of more days at sea saw us reach French Polynesia - Tahiti, Raiatea, Moorea and Bora Bora .....paradise on earth!!! Never did I think I would ever swim with sharks, nor feed stingrays, but we had the opportunity and privilege to do both - truly amazing and humbling.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just over a month and counting

Yes, that's right! In a bit over 4 weeks, we'll be sailing out of Sydney Harbour on route to Tahiti (with several stops on the way of course).

To date my wardrobe consists of a twinset and a pair of capris. I do have another pair of capris cut and a stack of fabric in the "to do" pile.

Wish me luck, as nothing in the stores fits, there's no choice, but to sew!sew!sew!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perfect Sewing Weather

Today it's been raining quite heavily - even the front verandah is wet where the rain has blown in ... perfect sewing weather.

Decisions, decisions, what to sew? I could start planning the cruise wardrobe (though I would like to drop a few kilos first), or I could continue with the charity quilts (that means crawling around on the floor pinning - don't think my knees will hold up to that today), or I could just start my winter sewing (I'll still need warm clothing as we'll be back from hols when the r-e-a-l cold weather hits).


Actually, I must pack my bag for the draping workshop this Saturday.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunny Days

Just 10 weeks to go and we sail away for 1 whole month, woo! hoo!

Now, looking like a deep fried lobster is not a good look, so apart from tne obligatory litre of 30+ sunscreen, the next essential destined for the bag is a wide brimmed sunhat or two. My first attempt is a reversable hat with a plain cream+floral furnishing fabrics. Quite succesful, don't you think?

Friday, March 6, 2009

another week just flashed by!!

How fast is this year going???

It didn't seem like I got much done in the way of sewing this week, but when I did the tallies I surprised myself ... finished another 2 blouses.

The next thing is to get a couple more lap quilts done, then I can get in and tidy my unruly sewing area (and to think I used to pester my kids at the mess they made.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Actually been sewing ... Yeah!

Yep! I've actually been spending time in my sewing room ... sewing!

I've managed a couple of lap quilts for the survivors of the Victorian bushfires. They're pretty basic,but I hope whoever receives one will know it was made with a lot of compassion for their loss.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Playing around with the look

Hi, Like a lot of others, I've been introduced to makes for a great new look, don't you think?

Now all my garments/sewing will have to be in blues/greens ... hmmm, I think most already are!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year ... A New Start

Well, I can't believe six months just disappeared!

Rather than try and update (and let's face it, I probably can't remember everything that's happened), I'll just start the new year with a new start.

Sewing goals this year are pretty straight forward

1. To sew from stash (who isn't disappearing from the ever expanding stash ... I envy those who aren't!
2. To finish everything that gets started (I'm not too bad with this, but there are a couple of long standing UFO's that didn't quite get past the pattern stage ...gulp!)
3. Keep a record of everything sewn, especially here!

Revving up the sewing this year I've entered the Stash Contest at Patternreview and have even managed to get 3 items done, soooo, in keeping with my 2009 goals they are from stash, completed and here...

shopping bag


denim capris