Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One done, One to go

Slowly I'm working through the stash and sewing items to be included in the Pattern Review Stash contest.

Last weekend was rather hectic, so I only managed to finish one pair of pj's.
They're so snuggly and warm. The second pair I'll finish today as I want them to add to DD's birthday parcel.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Two Ottobres ... love that pattern

I've just finished another two Ottobre tops from the famous 2/2007 Women's Ottobre magazine. That brings the total to 5 new tops for June from this pattern.

Today's tops were from a beautiful piece of rayon/lycra from (would you believe Spotlight!!!) circa 2005. It was a dream to sew, and feels so lovely and snuggly on.

I've definitely come to the conclusion though, that when I purchase fabric for tops in the future I'll just stick to 1m lengths. In the past I've tended to but 2m at a time, which means 2 tops in the same fabric, not a biggy, but ......

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jalie Sewalong on PRDU

Have you ever collected some exciting patterns only to have them languish away in

your sewing room??? Haven't we all! Some of us at the Pattern Review Sewing Downunder board are digging out our Jalies and having an informal sewalong.

I've had the J snowboard pants pattern sitting for ??? long along with several suitable fabrics.

Last night, while soaking up the heat from the fire, and watching a favourite show on TV, I finally opened the pattern and traced my size.

I just need to decide which fabric to use. In the stash were 3 pieces of dry japara (dusty pink, mauve and pink) along with a piece of navy entrant. I even found the lining!!! Cream wickaway mesh.

I'm tending towards the mauve at this stage as it would work well the rest of my ski gear. Looking at the pattern pieces, and never having used Jalie before, I can already see that the crotch depth is too long. Methinks a tet sew is in order.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Finally, I've managed some time in the sewing room, and what's more even managed some sewing, YEAH!

Having entered yet another contest on PatternReview (at least this time I know I'll have some entries), it was essential to turn some fabric into something functional. SOOOO, I now have 3 Ottobre T's (finished) and 2 pair of fleece-backed satin PJ's (one pair for DD and one for moi) cut ready and waiting.