Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Food for Thought

In no particular order, I've pulled 5 fabrics to include in my winter 2013 wardrobe. All have been languishing in the stash for a bit - some more than others.

First up is this lovely sweater knit, purchase July 2012 (one of the newer additions). While you probably can't see from the photo, there is a fine gold thread running through the beige knit. The knit itself resembles a lacy hand knit. The plan is to sew a draped front cardigan which will be really useful on those more casual outings, and will complement nicely my grey/black/cream flecked skirt.

Another sweater knit, this time in a cotton blend. The colour in the photo is a little inaccurate, as it is closer to a jade colour than the blue it appears here. A little undecided as to the style as yet, so this will sewn at a later date. The fabric was gifted by a friend last year, when she was cleaning out her sewing fabrics (she no longer sews garments, just quilts).

Hmmm. I bought this fabric (along with a similar piece in black)a few years ago now, thinking it would be great for after five. After making the black, this turquoise/silver shot piece was set aside. I'm thinking some kind of wrap top.

This is a lovely red linen piece. Or pants, with a bit of imagination. I'm hoping there will be enough to make another skirt from the vogue pattern.

This is to be my first piece sewn. Ihave several patterns in mind (a couple of Ottobre and a KS)for this knit, but basically a long sleeved T, in fact, there's probably enough fabric for 2 tops. With all the skirts I've been making, tops are now a bit of a priority.

Anyway, these fabrics are my jump off point.


Nanna said...

lovely fabrics, happy sewing!

kbenco said...

You have some lovely fabrics there.