Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perfect Sewing Weather

Today it's been raining quite heavily - even the front verandah is wet where the rain has blown in ... perfect sewing weather.

Decisions, decisions, what to sew? I could start planning the cruise wardrobe (though I would like to drop a few kilos first), or I could continue with the charity quilts (that means crawling around on the floor pinning - don't think my knees will hold up to that today), or I could just start my winter sewing (I'll still need warm clothing as we'll be back from hols when the r-e-a-l cold weather hits).


Actually, I must pack my bag for the draping workshop this Saturday.

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kbenco said...

Hello Janine, thanks for your nice comment on my jacket. Re your question about the pattern book and yarns, I just opened a (part time) shop last week, and have everything there. I do not want to advertise on my sewing blog, as it is just for me and my hobbies, so have set up another one for the shop. All the yarn details etc are here:
If you can't find them locally I would be happy to post them to you. Contact details are on the blog.I hope to set up an on line section to the shop shortly, but you could phone for mail order in the mean time if you need something for your cruise. It is a truly versatile jacket!